Access buffers of soundStream


I am trying to extract simple spectral features from live audio input. I am using soundStream. I am receiving the blocks of audio input in audioReceived()

soundStream.setup(this, nOutputs, nInputs, sampleRate, bufferSize, nBuffers);

void ofApp::audioReceived(float* input, int bufferSize, int nChannels) { }

I have set my nBuffers = 4, I was looking for a way to access the audio input lying in my buffer directly behind the current buffer I am accessing.

Does soundStream.getTickCount() have anything to do with it?

I just want to manipulate two consecutive buffers so I can calculate some features like slope of consecutive blocks to find an onset.

I am sure I can do this by storing the data of an incoming buffer and then using it to make calculations when the next buffer arrives. I was just wondering if there is a more intuitive method provided by the framework to do this.


Okay I figured we don’t really can or need to access those buffers. I can just store an incoming buffer in a containers like “previousBuffers” and use them to do my calculations without much lag.