Accesing this forum form an Android phone.

I’ve tried to access this forum from an Android phone but I get a “Spam” message that asks me for verification two times in a row and in the end I cannot access the forum.
How can I access the forum from an Android phone? =D

is not related to the fact that you are using a phone but with your ip, there’s several spam filters and one of them checks a db of spammer ip’s, probably your ip has been recently used by a spammer and it’s blocked temporarily. try disconnecting your phone from the network and connecting again. You can also check the cause for being blocked in:

That makes sense now. I wasn’t blocked all the time.
Thanks for the info, I didn’t know that and I will definitely use it. =D

Hey Arturo, is there anyway to correctly validate my access to the forum using my android phone?
Maybe using a MAC address or something?