absolute noob questions: installation, build errors, etc.

I’m trying to teach myself openFrameworks. I’m new to GNU/Linux and have no C++ knowledge.

I’m running Ubuntu 9.10 64bit karmic. Using Code Blocks. oF 0061.

My first question is: where’s the best place to install oF? It’s currently sitting on my desktop.

My second question is:

When I build one of the oF examples in CodeBlocks, I receive this message:

Found following issues with libraries:

Didn’t found configuration for libraries:
* gstreamer-0.10 * gstreamer-base-0.10 * gstreamer-video-0.10 * libudev
Would you like to go to detection dialog ?

When I check Synaptic, all of these are already installed.

How do I resolve this?


it doesn’t matter where you install oF. the desktop is ok.

about the error. the install_codeblocks script should be solving this but it seems it doesn’t work for some people.

try in a terminal

pkg-config --list-all  

at the end of the listing you’ll get an error telling that some library is missing. install it with:

sudo apt-get lib...-dev  

i think the library that is missing is libdrm

It worked!

Although, for whatever reason I couldn’t get libdrm through command line. I got it through Synaptic.

Thanks a million.