About ofxAlembic addon

Hello My Name is Ryu.
Could you do me favour?
This is my first post and question.

I’m trying to run add-on ofxAlembic examples from here https://github.com/perfume-dev/ofxAlembic .
When try to build it with my Xcode, the error message “Alembic/AbcGeom/All.h not found” appears.
But I can find All.h file in addon directly exactly.

I can not guess what is the problem.
Could you please tell me the solution if you can find out the problem?

Thanks in advance.

the read example worked for me but the others didn’t. check your header search paths, as well as your library search paths. do you have references to ofxAlembic in there.

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Thank you Ahbee !

I succeeded to run example read.
I revised TARGET of Build Settings / Search Paths / Library Search Paths.

Maybe problem was this path. I replaced this path to my PC location. And Build is succeeded!

Thank you for your support!!

I have the same issue on a windows machine.
I’m trying to compile it to work on visual studio.
Is there any documentation on how to compile those kind of addons (addons that don’t come with .sln and .vcxproj)
thank you