About ofCamera::setVFlip ()

What is meaningful and how to use setVFlip() in ofCamera?
I would like to know specific examples and I would like to see it.

in OF when drawing 2D the y axis zero is on the top of the screen and the values increase downwards, as most 2D graphics software do. On the other hand openGL and most 3D cad software use y-axis zero on the bottom of the screen and values increase upwards. So, there are sometimes that you might want to have these 2 different drawing modes to be in the same coordinate space, so if you call ofCamera::setVFlip () it will flip the cameras y(Vertical) axis.
I’m not sure if there’s an example where you can try it but it is actually really simple. Just open any camera example and add this

void onKeyPressed(int key){
    if(key == ' '){
        cam.seVFlip(!cam.isVFlipped() );

now when you press the space bar the camera will toogle between VFlipped and not.