abnormal web/ftp/git/etc hosting

hey all

totally off topic…

i’m getting to a point where i want to move more and more stuff into the cloud
but i’m hitting some limitations

ideally i want to archive old projects, keep large assets (like videos, raw photos), share project assets (images,video,logs) on a server somewhere in the net

what i really want is something with ssh bash access, ftp, sftp, git, http, mysql, blah, blah
and is fairly reliable in the long term (though 24hr uptime is less of an issue)

i use dreamhost for my web hosting, which is fine, but the bandwidth is too slow to use for archiving / accessing big files. and they have a policy against using the space for personal use / archiving purposes

i’m wondering if anyone’s got a sweet deal (perhaps with some academics or something) who wouldn’t mind putting me up. am considering paid options, even if not straight away.

amazon is too complex (i dont want to have to think i’m spending money every time i access it really / setup all the individual services to access it).
i’d love to get some shell access on a shared box with awesome bandwidth and reasonably priced storage (i mean, 1TB per year shouldn’t cost 10x of a 1TB hard drive and run at 1/100th the speed)

i’m wondering if this is something a bunch of people are interested in / already doing?
would love to get in on it if so!


I think we’d all love that! I haven’t seen anything free, or even close, with ssh, decent storage, etc. I was checking out diglo.com recently (via lifehacker)… looks pretty decent if all you need is storage and you don’t mind sharing. Certainly not the same as a real server though.

There are a lot uf backup solutions available (Dropbox, Mozy, etc.), although the price increases as you add in more files. I think web hosts are not the best backup solution compared the these services.