a videoplayer with alpha channel support

i would be very happy if there was a player that support alpha channel.
there is the class AlphaVideoPlayer that i found in this forum but is not updated and is not officially inside openframeworks


I just posted a simple ofxAlphaVideoPlayer class here: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/ofvideoplayer-and-gl-rgba/364/9

Only tested in OSX!


It works like a charm on windows 7!!

Regards Peter

Really? Did you check if the alpha works? That would be a nice accident! :slight_smile:

Yeah it does, i am building a installation with it.
It just runs like a normal ofVideoPlayer.
I developed the software, for the installation, on OSX, but needed it on a windows machine. I didn’t thought about the possibility that it could make a difference.

Just out of curiosity, why is this a surprise?

Well I’m glad it works, but I didn’t check the code on Win32.
I probably changed it in one go when I was changing the OSX code, but I can’t remember…
(late night coding sessions = blurry memory)


That’s a nice idea.
I’ve been thinking about that also.
I hope they could do that.
Good day.

i try it on linux… it didin’t run. Appears an error on execution: segmentation faut :frowning:
however in mac and windows it’s good
is it possible that this function will be inside next version of OF?
i hope!

Hey viniciolindo, can you post the error you get? That helps for tracking down the problem.


at execution time, the app don’t start and return this error: “segmentation fault”.

I had a go at getting this working on linux.

I’m using the openFrameworkss-bd53ec9 version from git.

The ofxAlphaVideoPlayer seems to be for an earlier release of OF, it was missing a few functions isPaused(),isLoaded(),isPlaying() etc.

Anyway I merged the changes in ofVideoPLayer into the ofxAlphaVideoPlayer and it compiles and runs.

However, it doesn’t work properly, it creates a bizarre corruption where smaller interlaced- looking copies of the movie are tiled onto the texture in monochrome.

Even more strangely, it causes the other textures being drawn by other functions to corrupt in the same way, so I presume its upsetting the drawing context somehow.

Which is strange becauase its using the same ofTexture code to draw as the ofImage code which can succesfully draw RGBA.

I’ll delve into it some more, although I think I’m going to have to use a differnt hack for the project thats on my desk right now (that I have to demonstrate tomorrow :wink:

If anyone can shed any light on this, if it rings any bells, I’m eager to put some time into fixing it and redistribute the fix.

Ideally ofMovie should have alpha channeling built in rather than it being a seperate class no?