a step by step gude using ubuntu 8.10 synaptic & where t

a step by step gude using ubuntu 8.10 synaptic & where to put files.
would be very nice I used wink for some screencasting & recording my voice and what I did on the screen and what I said.

I do not know where to put the open framework folder when I uncompress it.

I used synaptic package manager to install code blocks and other components that were mentioned in the setup tutorial.

Ubuntu may be bloated but sinple steps can be scripts but the grapical parts and how to do thowse things are well documented in ubuntu’s documentation.

I realy only want the arduino logic analiser software to debug my tools…

Hi, I just posted some instructions for installing codeblocks in ubuntu 8.10 here:

You can put the openFrameworks folder in your home directory although it’s not important. You are going to use codeblocks to open openFrameworks examples (look for the .cbp files in the examples folders) and compile them.

You might want to click and run the “enableRunOnBuild.sh” script in the scripts folder if you want codeblocks to automatically launch your application after it compiles.

Sorry I’m not familiar with the “arduino logic analiser software” yet.

thanks for your time documenting these things. A logic analiser is realy useful. Also the arduino is such a cool tool for soo many things and soo low cost. Also a fun hotplate soldering project also I reworked one in kicad so it is built in entirely open source means.
The kicad programs electronic design automation stuff is great.
Soo much slicker than eagle.
I got a different arduino logic analiser working but I want to try this one also maby I have to because the other had soo many things needing adding to the code.