A simplified case.

Hey, all, I’ve boiled down one of the things I need to do for my project to a very simple pipeline, but I can’t tell if OF can do it as it stands or if I’ll need to extend in some way.

Basically I need to load a frame of video, sample the last column of pixels, move all the pixels in an ofTexture over 1 pixel, and then transfer the sampled column of pixels to the first column of pixels in the ofTexture (which should now be empty as we moved everything over 1 pixel to make room for it). I can then send the whole ofTexture off to my shaders and then to be drawn.

I have everything working except where I move the pixels of the ofTexture over and fill in the new column. I’ve got the code to load everything, sample what I need to sample, and even put it where I need to put it. And I have all the shaders and drawing code working.

Can anyone give me a clue on how to shift all the pixels in an ofTexture over 1 pixel (or an arbitrary amount)?



Success! I’ll post some code in awhile with the hopes that someone can spot a better way of doing it.