A set of nice default materials and effects

Environments like threejs, unity3D and unreal engine include many materials and effects to control how things look like. I feel there is no simple way to go from the barebones look of OF and Processing to something that includes shadows, reflection, etc. Using addons helps, but they are not always up to date, performing, or it may be hard to mix several of those addons in one program.

I just came across this post from the free open source Godot game engine: https://godotengine.org/article/godot-3-renderer-design-explained It includes interesting thoughts about designing rendering engines, and maybe the code, which is MIT licensed, could be useful for OF in some way. I think here is the relevant code and shaders: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/tree/master/drivers/gles3

I don’t have enough experience to make much use of it, but maybe someone else is :slight_smile:

I’m agree that this feature would be really nice. New materials would be absolutely amazing, I see that in the openframeworks repository there is a Phong Material. The main overhead, I think, is that frameoworks like threejs just have to care about web gl, OF has to take in considerations different openGL versions, openGL es included.

I’m don’t think that this feature should be part of OFs core. It should be an addon. Eventually it could become a core addon.
The best thing would be if you start this addon! :slight_smile:

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