A script for documentation shortcut

Here’s the python script I use to display the OF documentation about an OF keyword directly in my web browser, from my code editor, with a single keyboard shortcut. Not heavily tested yet, but it should work for any OF keyword class and any OF global function. Classes methods are not supported for now.

I use Code Blocks, but this should work with any editor which allow to run shell commands.
See readme.pdf for more details.

The script and its documentation:
OF doc.zip (391.7 KB)

The sources for readme.pdf, if someone wants to correct my english :smile:
Tool documentation sources.zip (717.6 KB)

See next post to up-to-date version.


A good occasion for me to practice git:

Now it is possible to see the documentation for the methods of the OF classes. If many classes have a method with this name, a popup appear to select the right class:

(I edit the original post to remove the .zip and only keep the up-to-date version available)

I just update the index for OF 0.9.3, and added installation instructions for Qt Creator.

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I will appreciate any others feedbacks about this tool. Is it useful? Are they already convenient ways to reach the documentation from an IDE, perhaps I missed them? I saw that @icq4ever has updated the Dash docset recently. I previously used zeal but I wasn’t satisfied with the documentation presentation, I prefer the OF website one (don’t sure, but I think that examples code was not displayed with zeal). This is why I wrote this tool, but the lack of feedbacks makes me doubt :slightly_smiling:

Second question:
Does anyone know how to parse C++ code to get the type of a variable, the class for a method, etc?
I ask this because this tool will be better if it can go straight to the documentation in these cases:

  • Shared method names:
    For now, invoque the tool for a method like allocate() display a popup, and we have to select the right class manually:

    It would be great to go straight to the right place depending on the context. For example, with this code
    ofImage img;
    the ofImage.allocate() documentation should be displayed directly without the popup step, when the tool is invoqued for the allocate keyword.

  • Variables
    With the previous example, if the tool is invoqued to find the documentation for the img variable, nothing happens. The documentation for the ofImage class should be reach.

clang maybe?

Thank you!

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