A Of program can be Standalone?

HI all

I just would like to know if I can execute a Of program in a computer that don´t have OF installed.
I just tried and it doesn’t work for me.


yes it should work.
you just have to copy the dll-files along with the exe (if your on a PC).


Hi jroge
thanks for your replay
your are right, but I have to do also some other stuff. ( I PC)

I am using Visual c++ 2005, and for redistribute an application compiled with it I have to do: (I spend 2 days looking for it, so I want to post it, I hope this information can be useful for somebody)

  1. Install this program in the computer that don´t have the compiler:
    (with windowsXP servi pack 2) http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/deta-…-laylang=en
    (with windowsXP servipack 1)
    basically this programs, install all the dll (from Microsoft) needed to run the application

2: compile the release .exe file of my program. If linking error appear, you have to check the project properties for release configuration, be sure is the same that the debug.

3: copy the libs folder in the computer together with the app folder where I copy the program.

4: Execute the .exe file that exist in the release folder.

It works for me.


hi diego,

are you sure that you need to do all that? typically with the exe + dlls you should be ok. I have be running with CW, dev-c++ and visual studio for some time now and not seen something like that.

can you tell me what happens when you try to run a visual studio compiled app and dlls on a different machine? do you see some kind of error? can you post screenshots?

(I haven’t noticed any issues with VS EE before, so I am curious)


reading more, maybe you just need add this dll : msvcr80.dll ?

could you explain about the libs? there is not reason why you should need to copy them to a new folder, the exe + dlls should be enough…


ok reading further:

OK, due to popular demand, and my frustration with seeing so many people using Express that simply want to run an app on another machine, without the hassle of learning about merge modules, Windows Installer, etc, etc, etc, here is a way to perform deployment option number 2 above (i.e. installing C Runtime library applocal) for Express.

  1. On the machine you have Express installed, create the following folder and subfolders in your
    \program files\microsoft visual studio 8\VC folder:


  1. Copy msvcr80.dll, msvcp80.dll, msvcm80.dll from


\program files\microsoft visual studio 8\VC\redist\x86\Microsoft.VC80.CRT

  1. in the above Microsoft.VC80.CRT folder, create a new file named:


  1. Paste the following content into the above manifest file:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

Now you have a new folder in your Visual C++ Express installation that can be re-used when ever you need it.

To deploy these files, simply copy the Microsoft.VC80.CRT folder you just created to your program folder. That’s it. So for example, if your application executable resides in C:\Program Files\MyApp, you’ll have a folder named:

C:\Program Files\MyApp\Microsoft.VC80.CRT

that contains the 4 files I mentioned (3 DLLs and one manifest file you created by hand)

No installation of anything else is necessary. Just click on your EXE file, and your app will run. No special installation engines are necessary, just make your setup program (installer) create that subfolder Microsoft.VC80.CRT along with what you normally install with your app)

this is how to do it with VS EE so that you don’t need to do anything on the end users machine.

it does the DLL thing as I said above but it’s a little more complicated then I thought.

if you need to copy the libs folder over, then something is definitely wrong with your project so I’d like to debug it further.

take care,

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If I don´t copy the libs, the program still runs but something doesn’t work. It is a bit estrange for me, for example in my face tracking example, I can see the web cam, but I can´t see the superimposed new faces. I don´t know way.


I think there is something with opencv / face detection that is in the wrong place. Look for any coded paths in your code, like


you should definitely not need the libs folder – this is important to fix – people definitely don’t need to follow that direction of copying the libs. we just need exe + dlls (and for vsee that extra step)

if you post your code I can take a look and see if something pops out

take care!!

Hi Zach
yes you are right
I check my code and I found some links.
now the program is working without libs



Hey I know this thread is (wow) seven years old, but I just wanted to clarify. When you say to bring just the .exe and the .dll files over, does folder structure matter? How would you recommend setting up a project to make it easily distributable to other machines? Does the path to the .dll need to be the same on both machines? What about the placement of the .exe file?

So far, the only thing I’ve gotten to work is dragging my entire project folder over (about 200mb, whereas the .exe is tiny), so that’s getting kind of annoying

the exe file looks locally for the dlls. there are some tricks to putting the dlls in other locations or embedding them in the exe itself. In windows there’s a certain search order that happens that’s useful to know about.

@zach Thanks for the reply! Could you elaborate a little? Will it search the whole computer for the dlls?

Or maybe you could link me somewhere where I could read more on the topic?