A new way to knit

Hello everyone!
This is a presentation video of the project I have been working on for the past months:

This time I wanted to work with more conventional mediums, at least for the final artwork: it’s just a conventional circular loom, but it is used for a completely new way of knitting.
As you have guessed, there is a lot of computing for the pattern generation.
You can find more info here: http://artof01.com/vrellis/works/knit.html

I hope you like it!


Wow! Loooks awesome :smiley:
Placing the threads by hand is just crazy! How much hours did it take you?

Keep on doing great things!


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

The actual knitting takes about 8-10 hours in total.
It’s not an easy process; I have to stop every 1 hour to rest. So, it takes 3-4 days to finish just one portrait.
I am currently working on a “robot-knitter”, to make the process easier…

WOW I love this job! I hope to soon see the robot to automatizare this process.

I’m working on some versions of the drawing robot, if it can be helpful are happy to share my experience.

good day :slight_smile:

Ha! that’s hardcore!
the robot would be a great thing. Let us know once ready-

Awesome ! And great video too !