A Multitouch App To play Ableton Live "a la Reactable"

Hi all OF lovers,

so after soooo much work, and sooo much help from you, we just released our TAngiblex Live Set App.
Made with OF 007, ofxMidi, ofxMTouch, ofxXMLSettings, ofxGui, ofxOsc, …

Please, visit www.tangiblex.net to download the app (mac OSX for the moment). You will be able to play any Ableton Live Set in a multitouch or desktop way, “a la Reactable”.

Check this video and photos about it:



Very nice! Been looking forward to this. :smiley:

nice work.

just dreaming to see it opensourced as LGPL one day or the other …


keep up the hard work.

thanks for the interest…

yes, i hope too to be able to release some open source code, but for the moment, that is impossible.
I dedicated more than a year and a half to do this, so, really need some support to be able to continue the work…