a little help from my friends?

Hi there! finally I decided to try OF! well, I’ve been watching demos of what you can do with this amazing tool but, as usual, I’ve had some issues starting… the first I’d need to know is where to put every folder and file, 'cause I expected some EXE file, but all I got is a big ZIP with a lot of files inside and I’m new in C++ and I don’t know what to do whit this. The second issue is about the compiler: what’s the best for me on Win32XP, do I need some programming language extra file or installer or something? 'cause I got CB and started opening some demos but when I try to compile, I get some error messages saying can’t find some .h files like ofMain.h so I’m kinda lost about it… where should I put of folder? where to put my examples or projects? do I need to make some linking between of and projects and how to? I’m completely new, I hope you understand and may help me… Thanks!

It should be just a matter of installing codeblocks as explained here:


be sure to include the cb aditions explained in last section (e)

oF can be in any place you want, just don’t alter the directory structure. to open the examples just open the project files, the ones with the codeblocks icon inside every example’s folder.

you have more info here:


Gracias Arturo de barcelona jeje apuesto a que hablas español! di que si! jeje

Thanks for answering! well, I already read all of that and did exactly what that says… I got this file from OF website I guess 'cause I can’t remember called “open cv cv_devcpp_01.zip” that is for human recognition or something and no matter if I open it in CB or dev-C++ always ask for this files. I got all the files the web asked me for this project and copy to the place it should be, then, open project, add files, add folders, link some files, all is done! well I did like I could, 'cause there’s a lot of things I don’t understand yet… I still wander if I should get every single addOn or it depends on each project. I read those pages, but there are missing things maybe? I know this is not easy, but I’m trying hard, and being reading, making, and I hope I can find help here… :oops:


Hi there,
I’ve been trying and this demo code from dev-c++ works:


using namespace std;

int main (int argc, char *argv[])
char quit;
quit = ‘\0’;
while (quit != ‘q’)
cout << “Hello ! This is a console app.” << endl;
cout << “To create a console, go to Project Options and select” << endl;
cout << “‘Win32 Console’.” << endl;
cout << "Press q to quit " << endl;
cin >> quit;
return 0;

but this one, from "http://wiki.openframeworks.cc/index.php?title=OF-Start-Up-Guide" can’t find ofMain.h:

#include “ofMain.h”
#include “testApp.h”

int main( ){
ofSetupOpenGL(1024,768, OF_WINDOW);
ofRunApp(new testApp());
I’m trying the most simple code to see what happens so I can’t understand what’s wrong… any idea? any suggestions?

i think you’re trying to setup a new project from the beginning, i mean creating a blank codeblocks project. The thing is openframeworks has lots of dependencies with other libraries so it’s not so easy to create a new project just like that. the easiest way to setup a new project is to copy one of the examples and modify it.

Also be sure you copy it at the same level it is originally in the oF distribution:


btw, dev-cpp is not used anymore so better to stick to codeblocks.

de nada : )

hi! well, I get OF for CB (is this different to FAT version?) and put on C: then opened some examples from app folder in OF and worked! so I’ll start to see the code and make some changes… thanks Arturo!

so now, I have some new questions about the code; I see things like “ofSetColor(0xFFFFFF);” so ofSetColor is an action already described on OF or is generated by the autor? I see a lot of this ones ofSomething so I need now to learn more about the code itself, like the color it assumes inside CB what about the blue?.. any page or doc or tutorial?


yes, everything starting with of is usually openframeworks functions…