A good projector for a multitouch project

Dear OF community,

I am looking in to building a multitouch for use with tbeta. I’m not too sure on which projector to buy. I will be running it from a intel iMac and sometimes on a Macbook which was bought 2 years ago.

The projector will also be used for presentations in different spaces/lighting conditions too so a good all-rounder is what I am looking.

Could anyone point me to any good models/makes?

Also any ideas for which kind of webcam is most suitable for a multitouch? Many forums point to the Philips SPC 900NC. Does anyone know if this is mac (or OF) compatible?



On the webcam side, the PS3 eye is also quite popular. We have used it on a multitouch prototype with rather good results.
There is a special experimental version of tbeta on windows that works with it. You can expect 320x240 at 100fps. Depending on your application that resolution might be enough. However, I don’t think it works yet on the mac version of Tbeta. So this might not be an option for you.

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If you need a short throw projector, i can recommend this BenQ http://benq.com/products/Projector/?product=1239

You might get your best answers on the nuigroup forum since a lot of this is hardware related.

We’ll be releasing a new tbeta with source and support for PS3 Eye and Firefly Cameras. So either ones are great choices.

You might get your best answers on the nuigroup forum since a lot of this is hardware related.

we like hardware discussion too :slight_smile:

Haha, sorry zach, I didn’t mean it like that lol.

With that said, I’m kinda fond of the Toshiba TDP-EW25U: http://www.toshibadirect.com/td/b2c/pdet.to?poid=392775

Short throw, higher res and not a horrible price.

Thanks guys!

I must admit I’m a complete novice when it comes to projectors. The BenQ looks v.nice and so does the Toshiba. I think I will have to take the eBay route though, as I wasn’t anticipating to spend more than £400 ($~650).

Great that the Firefly will be supported in the next release! Do you have a date for this release?