A fresh project and Y-axis not working correctly

I have freshly generated a new project for xcode using the ProjectGenerator application.
Literally with fresh files and no addons beside the included GUI and Vector graphic addons I have managed to somehow struggle at drawing a rectangle at 0,0. Instead it seems the y axis is drawing at 40. (I used a string to output mouse coordinates and it showed me the top right corner was located at 0,40 - when hovering the mouse over the rectangle).
I am at a loss of words as drawing the rectangle, loading a font and outputting mouse coordinates is the only thing I have done in this project so far.
I have also tried this with enabling and disabling the “High Resolution Capable” setting within xcode.
Code is below and Screenshot is attached.

Any feed back would be grateful.
code within main.cpp
int main()

	ofRunApp(new ofApp());

code within ofApp.cpp
void ofApp::draw()

    ofDrawRectangle(0, 0, 100, 100);

    ofTrueTypeFont debugText;
    debugText.load("Lato-Regular.ttf", 20);
    debugText.drawString(to_string(mouseX) + " " + to_string(mouseY), 5,755);

Which version of OF are you using?
It looks a lot like this:

As suggested on the Github-issue, installing a nightly build (@ https://openframeworks.cc/download/) might solve the problem.