a error occured in ofxVideoGrabber, how to solve

[font=Verdana]of_v0071_win_cb_release\apps\myApps\MyTest\addons\ofxVideoGrabber\Libdc1394Grabber\Libdc1394Grabber.cpp|50|error: ‘OF_LOG_NOTICE’ was not declared in this scope|[/font]
The error code is in this class,Can anyone explaion usage of ofLog? It is a class, is it a static class?If so,
there is no need to declare a instance of this class?

if (camera != NULL )

[font=Verdana] ofLog(OF_LOG_NOTICE ,“Stopping ISO transmission.”);[/font]
// Stop data transmission
if (dc1394_video_set_transmission(camera,DC1394_OFF)!=DC1394_SUCCESS)
ofLog(OF_LOG_ERROR, “Could not stop ISO transmission!”);
// Close camera


this is an error with ofxVideograbber, although the code looks correct. please report at https://github.com/naychrist/ofxVideoGrabber/issues
Documentation of ofLog is at http://www.openframeworks.cc/documentation/utils/ofLog.html
and there’s also a logging example in /examples/utils.