A couple Kinect "point clouds avatars"

Last year I did a couple interactive pieces for 2 Nike concept stores:




They both work in a similar manner: ofxKinect is used to make a point cloud out of the user pixels, the point cloud is stored into a ofVbo whose vertices are used to animate and render a particle system (mostly in the GPU).

Hope you like :slight_smile:

the look and feel are awesome !

what was the screen resolution of that huge screen ? does your oF app was in fullscreen ?

the huge screen in Poland was a led wall, so the resolution wasn’t really really high: if I remember correctly, the whole thing was around 3000 pixels wide.

The led wall guys already had their own pipeline for for handling visual outputs, so I designed my application following their guidelines; basically I rendered different segments of the final output into different FBOs.

nice , thanks for the info.


Nice projects… but in led system 3.000 pixels wide is a loooooot :wink:

lol yes, it was huge. actually I think it’s still there, so I should say it IS huge :slight_smile: