a bug in ofxDirList?

hey folks,

i was trying to access a remote directory (in another machine) using ofxDirList addon on OSX, using 006 release, and everything ran fine. after running the same code on Windows, i had the following problem:

OF_ERROR: ofxDirList - error opening directory.  

in fact, this message appears everytime i use absolute paths instead of relative paths.
analising the code of ofxDirList addon, i’ve noticed a curious thing in the ofxDirList.cpp file, at this line:

directory = ofToDataPath(directory);  

this code was concatening “data/” to the begining of the string, causing the error above. don’t know if this was expected to happen, but to me it didn’t make any sense… what do you think?

to solve the problem, i just commented the line above. after this, everything ran fine.


sorry, guy. this “error” was in fact my fault.
calling ofToDataPath before calling listDir solves my problem without needing to comment the original code.
please, just ignore this post.

ps: it’s still a little bit strange that the same code had worked on OSX.