A big... big programm... i need some corrections

Hello everyone !

I’m trying to build a holographic viewer with some little drawing possibilities with the LeapMotion.
It’s really big… I just have some problem, if you want to help me, the code is just here:

My problems are simple (i think):
The Ark Class is not working andi don’t know why ?

And in the Act class… the images “Etapes” are not working too :frowning: and i don’t know why too.

I’m a architect, and, maybe i don’t understand some little things of OF, so if you can help me, told me, it is a pleasure to learn it !

Thank you very much
Best Regards



About the software: it is an holographic viewer, you also can draw directly in hologram with it.
It is working with a pyramid made of glass like this (so normaly, i call it “3D reflector”, not hologram).

This soft is made of one central class (ofApp), and the other one are the different addons tools, and icons:
Action = menu & icons
Draw = lines
Ark = Volumes with hitbox (for a future selection)
LeapPerso = the leapMotion (by puting it here, ofApp is more clean)

My problem is localized in two of this class:

The first one is about the “Etapes” icons and the ofRect in Action.cpp, i don’t see them on screen.

The second one, is about the Ark.cpp: i can’t see my mesh on screen too, and the system that you can see with the" int Etapes" to block the coordinates of the volumes and their scale, are simply not working.
How i’m selecting them: by coordinates, my menu is an image, and if you’re going to “line” with the leap motion, you push with two hands and you can draw. When i do the same for “cube” (the volume section), nothing happen.

i think i don’t use the “if” very well, but i’m tryinig to understand it for four days now… and i don’t understand, maybe i’m wrong with a little stupid mistake, beacause in theory, it is working…
Can you help me to solve this mistery (a mistery for me obviously)…?

Hi Vincent,

If you want people to help you, you should put more effort into describing what the architecture of your software is (ie how the class interact with each other), what is the expected behavior of the broken class you’re talking about, what is the effective behavior that is happening. Because nobody (I guess) want to spend 2h trying to figure out what your software is supposed to do and what “not working” means to you.

Something really useful that you could learn is how to use the debugger of xcode. Basically it will enable you to run line by line your software, watching how your variables evolve (to make sure they get the value you thing they should have), which is the next instruction being executed (to be sure a if statement is followed, a function is called) and put “breakpoints” where you want your software to be interrupted (to look more closely at what’s happening in a specific function for instance). I’m sure if you google that you should find tons of info about how to use it.
This way you may get a better understanding of why your stuff is not behaving the way it should be.

Thank you for your respond
Yes i forgot, i just update my post, thank you for telling me :slight_smile:

I’m going rigth now on google to see that !