64bit app action!

Has anyone been able to export 64bit apps?

I’m on a 64-bit OS and I would really like to figure out how to export 64bit apps.

If anyone has figured out how to do this It would be great if you could give me a few pointers

I"m trying to get it working with CodeBlocks at the moment. I found this guide:


Which could only be for AMD 64 bit, I’m not sure, didn’t work for me but it might help someone out.

I have a feeling though that to do this a 64bit openFrameworks version would need to be used?


basically you need to compile all libraries in the libs/ directory as 64bit. For that you should download the source: some of them perhaps have some kind of project file (normally visual studio) or just makefiles, so you’ll need to do it using make that is usually in your codeblocks install inside a folder called mingw/bin i think.

The only library your are not going to be able to compile, as it’s propietary, is fmod, but there’s a 64bit version already compiled.

From that you only need to substitute the original files in libs with the ones you compiled.

Then just try to compile from codeblocks some of the examples.

In linux sometimes I had to change the order of the included libraries, but thoretically it should work just by substituting the libraries.