64 bit on Raspberry Pi 4?

Is it possible to use OF under 64 bit raspberry pi OS?


In theory yes, provided the dependency packages are all named the same. You’d really just have to try it.

yes just tried it, doesn’t work:

make Release -C /home/pi/openFrameworks/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project
make: Entering directory '/home/pi/openFrameworks/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project'
makefileCommon/config.shared.mk:96: *** recipe commences before first target.  Stop.
make: Leaving directory '/home/pi/openFrameworks/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project'

Looks like it’s not set up as a compile target. You would have to try editing the script so get it to work. It won’t work by default it seems.

looked at all the make files stuff - readme is out of date and refers to folders that are not there.
made no progress unfortunately.