5DT Data Glove

Hi guys!

I’m looking forward to submit an addon to simply retrieve information from a 5DT DataGlove. The question is how to exactly do this… :stuck_out_tongue:

I have already a c++ class with a .h and a .cpp file, but it is needed also others headers, .libs and .dlls files.

How it’s the best way to do this?

p.s. I’m new to of.

Thanks in advance,


Take a look at the addons in the fat release, specially osc or opencv that contain other libraries, or at the addons in:


But basically you need a folder structure like:


In libs you put all that other headers and libraries.

Also you need the install.xml file in the root folder

Hi! thank you very much for your reply!

I’m now producing it with a file structure similar to the one you’ve appointed. I don’t know is how to produce the install.xml file, is there a tool to do it or should I take one from de existing addons and adapt it to my own addon???