50+ft touch screen?

I was asked if I could do a 50+ft wide touch screen app. If course I said yes but now I’m not sure where to start. :slight_smile:

Anyone have any suggestions on how to tackle this? Kinect? RealSense? Touch overlays?


I’ve used a LIDAR system SICK LMS100 or a Leuze ROD-4 to provide X/Y coordinate systems and output them to TUIO. (http://www.eightlines.com/portfolio/tangerine.html) I integrated with a Coolux Widget Designer, but other options are available. Lower cost LIDAR options (Scanse for example) may not have the distance, or rotation frequency for realtime input. One thing to note is touches can be occluded, so keep touchpoints to a minimum.

Another option would be an IR overlay like PQ Labs, but I don’t think they come that big. If you want to use them outside, sun will be an issue. I’ve used their overlays on a 14’ x 10’ piece of tempered glass and a 5x4 monitor array behind.

Interesting approach. Thanks for sharing!

another approach would be camera base blob-tracking
for example with http://reactivision.sourceforge.net/
(on the website are some more details how to build this…)
its also possible to build a camera system that looks through a LCD setup - (removing/modifying the background-lighting)
but please consider that this system is base on infrared light - so sunlight / daylight or bright fluorescent or day-light bulbs are a big problem!!
sunny greetings stefan