4k video playback


I’m working on a vídeo project where we are creating a 3840x2160 highres video installation consisting of 4 projectors running of 1 powerful PC. Besides the video playback we will have simple dynamic content on a layer on top of the video.
Simultaneously we are writing a paper focusing on the topic so we can share our leanings. Through our research the content on the topic is quite limited and not very specific.

In our initial tests we’ve been running of a win7, 32 ram, i7 3,5ghz computer with a AMD W9000 graphics card.

We’ve been using ofxhap, gstreamer and ofDirectShowVideoPlayer but all with mixed results.
There is is big difference in the codecs we’ve been using, but again with mixed result.

We’ve been comparing with windows media player classic, that always runs smooth.

In OF we experience a visable frame rate decline and judder on pans and high movement moments.

I’ll add a more detailed report later, but for now I would like to hear if other people could share their experience with highres video playback in OF.


generally i’ve got good results with the hap codec on an ssd drive (4hd streams).

Another way to go would be to use another video player for your 4K video playback (ie resolume, try the new dvx3 codec) and share the texture with OF using Spout (akin syphon on windows). Spout install package comes with OF examples and resolume plugins (both senders & receivers)

This way, resolume does the 4K playback -so you don’t need to worry about it- and OF only receives the texture which you can use for further processing. After processing you could even send the resulting texture back to resolume for displaying/mapping on the projectors.

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Thanks Kj1. Are you on a mac or Pc? Seems like mac’s video playback have less issues.

I never really got good results using the Hap codec on Pc. Most videos seems to be able to keep up with the framerate but generally suffers on image pans.

Regarding Resolume, I will definitely try that approach and let you know the results.

windows. I seem to remember to mess around with vertical sync & framerate to get hap hd video smooth; but I thought it was because the computer was kinda slow.

You can also try ofxWMFVideoPlayer. It’s using the same pipeline as the actual windows media player (well at least in some circumstances) and shares the texture with oF so the whole thing runs in a hardware accelerated mode.
The resolume approach sounds cool though :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll try the ofxWMFVideoPlayer, looks very promising.

I did some tests with Hap. In theory it runs ok. I’m still experience some judder in some panning moments and there is a slight difference between hap and video media player classic. Furthermore, i’m a bit concerned about the quality of the colors.

I’ll let you guys know when I have more specific results.

Hi Carol.

I’m going setup a very similar project.

Do you have any tips?

I wouldn’t want to use Resolume or any extra software for playback


Hi Xumo

We ended up using gstreamer for this project, but the new video-player in OF is really good as well and I would recomend using that. I’m currently running 4k mapped videos with 60FPS without any issues.

An important thing that improved the performance a lot was controling the process in code.

SetPriorityClass(GetCurrentProcess(), ABOVE_NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS);

Hope it helps.


Thanks a lot.

we just used ofxHapPlayer for 4k video playback and it was pretty good (its 32bit only though at the moment) - hit some weird issues where the video playback would chug/slow down even though the app was staying at 30fps (the 4k display ran at 30hz) - we didn’t see the same issue on a 60z display strangely enough.