4K Video grabber

The only usb3 4k solution I googled is pointgrey camera. But as their website says it 21fps only.
also BlackMagic has its sdi capturing solution

Can anyone share the experience grabbing 4K video with decent frameRate? (hardware/software setup)

Found this oddon. (It says it was Tested on OSX)

I have used Kyle’s blackmagic add-on with a Blackmagic 4k ultra studio. Captured over thunderbolt2 into a Mac pro (trash can)

I used a Sony 4K camera (can’t remember exact model, but it was a larger standard camera you’d see on shoots - it was in about the $5k range of cost) and had that output 4k/30fps over HDMI into the blackmagic ultrastudio, and then captured that in OF and it ran pretty well. I think we uploaded an example of using it with 4k - you might just have to poke around the src of kyle’s add-on and make sure its all set for 4k and not 1080p. App ended up running at like 26-28fps in the end, not sure where the bottleneck was because there wasn’t much happening besides just the capture. The display you use can slow down the framerate too…most mac’s can only do 4k@30fps right now unless you have the ideal display and can connect over display port afaik

did you use the black magic ultra studio 4k extreme to capture the signal or the mini recorder?

I used the ultra studio 4k - not the mini recorder