4K TV vs computer display?


I always showed my work in computer displays. But now I will need a much bigger screen.

I was told that TV pixels will burn if the image doesn’t change for a long time. I will use it for short periods so this should not be an issue.

Besides that, what are the shortcomings of using a 4K TV instead of a computer monitor? Is it still compatible with different frame rates (60fps, 120fps or higher)? Someone told me that TVs are limited to 50Hz but the TVs I’m looking at says they can make 400Hz.

Thanks in advance,

Hi nununo,

I did a bit research about that a while ago and bought a computer monitor in the end.
If reliability on correct colours, wide colour ranges and stability from all viewing axes is important for your project, then a monitor is probably better suited.
You should also check if g-sync/free sync is compatible, otherwise you risk tearing.
About Hz i unfortunately don’t know a lot.


Hi @da_re,

I am considering buying a computer monitor for myself also and I would never buy a TV for that purpose. But for an art gallery exhibition I definitely need something much bigger. At least 43". That’s why I have no option but to chose a TV.

But before buying it I was curious to know what kind of shortcomings will I have.

You mention g-sync/free sync. What exactly must I look for there?