4 videos synced

Hi there,

First, I missed you guys a lot, and have a new project, possibly OFMade…

In your opinion, which could be the best design to get 4 videos perfectly synced together onto 4 differents screens.
screens are really distants, like 4 corners of a big room

a) 1 player / 4 screens
b) 4 players synced with osc command
c) 4 videos streams
d) other ideas

Cheers, see u


running everything in the same machine is usually the easiest, gstreamer has some options to play several tracks in sync but the syntax can be complex. using image sequences so you just play whatever frame number in every screen at the same time is usually the easiest to sync.

also if you don’t need frame perfect sync then sending osc can be a possibility otherwise i wouldn’t recommend it since the network latency and the fact that osc is based on udp so it can loose packages can introduce differences between players

there is an addon with an example that plays 4 videos in sync


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If it is a longer installation and only playing movies, (I know this is not really the answer you were looking for) you can find brightsign players cheap second hand on ebay for about 200 each. if they are networked they will play very tight sync between each other. This way you dont need a computer at all…

An OF friendly option is to create a single 4k movie (if you want to play 4x HD movies) and draw subsections on each screen, as there is only a single movie the sync will be perfect. I have used this a few times and it works a treat if your machine is up to it. I use prores movies on mac and the DSHapPlayer addon and HAP videos on windows for 4k.


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easiest way is running everything in the same machine weather you use a 4 output video card or Datapath or mixed output of video card + tripleHead

i would not recommend OSC for that purpose as it is not a safe transfer protocol. I am using it a lot to play “synced” videos over 8 projectors, it does the job for my purpose, but it is not frame accurate.

You could write your own protocol though…

Joanie Lemercier had some installations using OF and OSC if i recon for his work called Blueprint. I don’t know if the code is somewhere available.

Playing image sequence seems a good approach.
Maybe have a look at TCPSyphon

NDI Protocol can be a good starting point also.


as @phdcosta, already mentioned, I’ve wrote the ofxHPVPlayer addon especially for such purposes. You will have to reconvert your video’s though in the HPV format. Check the GitHub for more info.


just to say that i’ve just been testing @Vjacobs ofxHPVPlayer and encoder and it works great. we need about 6 full hd simultaneously which seems to work with DXT1 but it’s a bit too much for DXT5 but i can imagine if you have a raid with 2 ssds it should also work fine

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