4 Displays 2x2 on Windows 7

Hi everybody!
I am experiencing some problems using 4 displays in a 2x2 configuration on Windows7
I am using a ATI FirePro W7100 graphic card with 4 outputs, each connected to a differente display and working on a 2560x1440 (1280x720x4) canvas.
When I go full screen, the upper screens show no image.
Any idea on what could be the problem?

Thanks a lot!


Do you get the same issue if you use a 1x4 configuration?

If so a quick workaround could be to draw into an FBO of your 2x2 canvas size and then copy the correct portion to the correct screen.


Thanks for the idea!
That’s the workaround I am working right now -still configuring :smile: - but I would rather go for a standard solution. I will keep posting!

Not remembering the details now, but I had a terrible time with a 1x4 config and NVidias Nview (aka “let me smash these screens together and use them as one”) software, so ended up doing that in the end.

Also perhaps try making your main monitor the one in the top left corner if it isn’t already, the code that decides what size to make your window in fullscreen might be making some assumptions (I have made this mistake!), worth having a look in the code.

Thanks again for your comments hahakid. I guess there should be a “Workarounds” thread, it could get really useful.
The image appears in all the screens in whatever configuration I use, but it gets stuck in just the main monitor when I use the fullscreen (ofToggleFullScreen) option.
Obviously, I did not look through the forum enough: this seems to work ok: