3ds export settings for ofx3dModelLoader


Is there a reference somewhere for 3ds export settings for the 3d model load addon? I have no experience working with 3ds Max, but I’m working a project with someone that does. We’ve tried loading random .3ds files we have at hand to replace the squirrel model used in the addons example. Some models work and some don’t. Some are just simple cubes while others are like elaborate cars with pixel shading(I think). I have no idea why some loaded models show while others are blank. I figured there was something to make sure of while exporting a .3ds file, but I have no idea where to look.


The models that were “invisible” didn’t have any material.


No problem, man.

Now, a good project would be to add a 3ds exporter to the ofx3dModelLoader addon, so you can export 3DS files from openFrameworks…

i’m running into similar troubles trying to make models from autodesk’s 123catch open with ofx3dModelLoader addon.

i’ve tried blender and rhino to convert from the provided .obj, to .3ds but neither work
both have “materials” set.

any ideas?