3d webcam


I have one of these. It has 2 cameras and they both appear as individual cameras in the OS, but unfortunately I cannot use both cameras at the same time (in osx)! (not just in openframeworks, but I tried in quartz composer, quicktime and using the quicktime api directly). I think the windows drivers merge the two feeds and output an anaglyph directly, not sure if we can use it programmatically…

what a bummer :frowning:

I contacted the manifacturer and they say:

You should be able to do that no problem. You will however be limited to
2 images 320x240 @ 30 fps or 2 images 640x480@ 15 fps. You will see two
webcam sources ‘ViMicro USB UVC PC Camera’.

Is there anyway someone could test it with Windows? :slight_smile:

Thanks, chr

Ohh wow - I need to get one now!

I got myself one of these, and it *is* possible to acquire two images at the same time. As mentioned before, 640x480 @ 15 fps and 320x240 @ 30 fps. I’m trying to get some dense stereo matching going in order to create a 3d reconstruction, but so far it has proven to be a lot more difficult than I imagined. Any help is appreciated!

from hazy memory, this code was pretty slow (maybe needs to be running in a different thread or optimized a bit) but not so hard to hookup ?


could be a good start…



also just found this http://nma.web.nitech.ac.jp/fukushima/m-…-u3D-e.html
which is a tutorial on how to use the minoru camera with opencv.

looks really promising.