3D technology- Looking for application fields

Hello everyone,

I am a research assistant at the Vienna University of Business and Economics and we are currently searching for applications for a technology. Here is a short list of the main benefits of this technology:

  1. The technology is capable to generate 3D models of its surrounding space (range up to 10m)
    having a high precision (1mm) while being very robust (against interference).
  2. It can detect movements in real-time (response rate of 1ms)
  3. Is independent of light (works in bright and dark environments)
  4. And it is portable

Is this technology interesting for you or can you think of any problems that this technology could solve?
If you need more detailed information I would be happy to provide you with some further specifications.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

sounds interesting

is the 3D Model textured with Color?
what kind of angle can it capture? 360 degrees?
and the liveview: is it with the same resolution`… angle?


sounds like it would be perfect to combine with VR (Occulus for example) to create some AR.
Especially if combined with work on rendering realistic 3D models into a photograph or movie with correct lighting and effects.

Or you could use it for quickly generating 3D environments of areas that people can usually not visit. (mining, archeology, sites that are to dangerous for humans to navigate), for later analysis or for sharing of knowledge.