3D printing with Doodle3D

Hi guys,

Last year I started working on a little application to create 3D models with. Existing software was so complex to use I didn’t feel in control of my own 3D printer, so I started working on this app.

It works by creating a drawing using your mouse or finger on a PC or tablet. With a few easy controls you can then quickly highten, twist and turn your drawing in the third dimension. When you’re happy with the result you can send it to a 3D printer with just one press of the button. Generating gcode for your printer happens automatically.

A beta version has already been successfully used by a lot of people and because of this, we decided to start a kickstarter campaign.
With those funds we’d like to create a beautiful product including the WiFi-box, which enables wireless access to any (supported) 3D printer you connect to it.

The image below gives an impression of the interface. Check out our project on kickstarter: http://doodle3d.com/kickstarter.
The project will be released as open source after the campaign has ended, so you can see exactly how your artwork comes to life. :slight_smile:
If you like the project, be sure to spread the word!

Best regards,

I didn’t know you were involved with this. I love the project and I see you guys already pretty much made your funding goal. Congrats!

This is great, did you write this in OpenFrameworks? Or was it built with a native app?