3d primitive rendering on iOS & depthtest error?

porting some code from macOS onto iOS and having some challenges with depth rendering of 3D primitives

The primitives example runs and looks correct but in my own code using ofBoxPrimitive the faces are written in incorrect order -
i have set the main.mm using different renderers

    settings.enableDepth = true; .
    settings.glesVersion = OFXIOS_RENDERER_ES1; // tried es2 & 3 but these don't render light correctly?
    settings.depthType = ofxiOSRendererDepthFormat::DEPTH_24; 

ofenabledepthtest() does not appear to have any effect - can any one point me to more detailed documentation or a hint as to where I am going wrong?

running nightly build of_v20220411_ios_release on Mac M1 with Monterey 12.3.1 & Xcode 13.3

removing GL_KIT worked

    //   settings.windowControllerType = ofxiOSWindowControllerType::GL_KIT; // Window Controller Type

nailed it :slight_smile:

any resources for reading more gratefully received -

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