3d point homography- obj to reality calibration

Hi, I have seen a feature on a number of media servers that allow for 3d calibration. For example when projection mapping and there is a 3d model of the target (say a building) in the software some systems allow you to click on points in the model and then click through the projector onto those same points on the real structure and then end up with a matrix to understand where those points are in the projector vs in the model.

I have used openCV homography before to do a similar thing on 2 flat planes (surface and projector), but not on 2 3d surfaces. If anyone has any pointers to articles or functions related to this it would be great to know.

I know that with https://github.com/kr15h/ofxPiMapper it is possible to add points on the projected surface, drag them in order to map the different planes that compose the 3d solid. Maybe @kr15h has more info about it?

you should check out kyle McDonalds’s mapamok which actually does what you describe.


@edapx and @roymacdonald thanks for the tips, lots of reading to do.