3D .obj file manipulation

http://dmesh.thedofl.com/ Is it possible to do this to a normal 3D .obj file type? So I change the visual form of the obj file but keeping intact some similarity between the manipulated file and the original file. Very similar to how this app works.

Thank you,

I’d say the first thing to think about is loading the OBJ file into an ofMesh and then manipulating the vertices of that mesh. Mesh simplification is actually really tricky, but if you do something like remove 2/3 of the points you’ll start to see some interesting stuff. You can check the ofxAssimpModelLoader addon to see how that might work.

Thank you. Will check that out. But there was something called ofxDelunay and that was suppose to work by creating triangles out of a set of points that you gave it? Will check AssImp and post back here when things are working.

Yes, I remember seeing ofxDelaunay but it was fairly old and hadn’t been updated in a while so you’d probably need to tinker with it a bit to get it working properly. It was also only 2d, not 3d, so it might lead to very bizarre shapes if you give it a 3d set of points.