3d model rendering

Hi everyone. I am new in this tutorial also a french speaker. I start my journey with OF.

My development environment is windows 10 64bits and my IDE is VS 2022.

At beginning, i started with some examples and it was okay. The code compile with no errors and i can lauch the exe file.

But when i try a tutorial from OZ on youtube about making 3d game with of. We have to load fbx models from mixamo. The code compile properly i can see logs in VS console but when come to launch the exe nothing happenned i mean i don’t see the rendering shapes.

I try differents stuffs like add exclusion on windows defender. Also add firewall rules.

Now i am very confused bc there no errors messages in the console. Oh my bad i have negative exited code.

Someone faced thid before. Thank you

hello, can you link the project that you tried to build?
also, what errors are you getting?

I have any errors that’s the thing.

Here is the link https://youtu.be/B84rEzXYO8Q

where are the project files to download?
if you put the tutorial project into same openFrameworks folder, usually into OF/Apps/ it shoul work the same as the examples you are getting work…

I save the project inside apps/tutorial.
The others tutorials projects works fine exept this one.

what is the project? the ofxFBX example?

No it is none of those tutorial. It is a tutorial from youtube Openframeworks game.

Hi @yossep237 !

Welcome to the forum :wave:

Do you still need help with this issue?

If so it is helpful to include the compiler errors you are getting from Visual Studio or any error messages you are getting in the console.

Sometimes it can also help to add:


To the top of ofApp::setup to get more debug info.