3D mapping company seeking Interactive artist


I am seeking a interactive artist to feature for a very quickly upcoming show in Texas. Candidate must have very good kinect or IR programming experience. Openframeworks C++ ect. Our company specializes in large 3D projection mapping. I am looking to fill the time between mapping elements with creative audience interaction. Something along the lines of: http://yesyesno.com/night-lights - one of the best interactive shows I’ve seen out there.

Examples of our work can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/ldsystems. I have used kinect on past shows with good success and would like to improve on the effort. This is a paid, per show, design position. Show is on March 10th. Please include examples of work along with ideas of what you could do with a canvas over 10,000sf.

Please email me at aj@ldsystems.com

Thanks and looking forward to meeting some incredible designers