3D environment in OF

Hello everyone, I’ve wanted to show my work in progress version of 3d environment with some 3d physics, character animation and camera control… I’m basically experimenting and learning all the good things OF has to offer and I’m very much in the beginning, so code still looks crazy, but this will later turn out into more concrete applications, hopefully for interactive architecture and design.


Basic addons used

Windows7, Code::Blocks.

Also visit http://fucture.org

All the best,

very nice :slight_smile:

it made me discovering ofxBullet +Assimploader :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m glad it helped in discovering something, these libs are really powerful in 007, hope these kinds of developments in openFrameworks will continue ;]


can you possible send me a link to “ofxAssimpLoader” cause I could not find that on ofxaddons.com.


ofxAssimModelLoader is native since OF 007. You can use it directly from alladdonsexample. Here is the documentation


And if you would scroll down in this page http://www.openframeworks.cc/documentation/ you would find ofxAssimpModelLoader at addons section. Hope it helps.

Good luck!

Hi Matas,

This looks really cool. Do you have a C::B example project for ofxBullet physics ? I’m having problems setting this up.


fanned you on vimeo, great work on the project