3D and importing models

I’m hoping to work on a project where I’ll be importing 3D assets from files.

I’ve noticed in another thread that I should be able to make OpenGL calls - will that serve for what I’m after?

I’m intending to take a project I’ve already developed in Processing and port the game engine over. That part I’m not too worried about as it’s mostly built out of integers.

What concerns me is how I tackle the graphics. I’m wondering as to how I’m going to get 3D objects rendered - simple or otherwise. Will I be hunting down a C++ library for the task? Or are the tools already there and I’m to n00b to see them?

you should be able to do anything you want in 3d, we just haven’t oriented the graphics API around 3d. There is however some interest in that, and it’s on a list of changes / additions to make.

In the meantime you can do anything 3d related you want. We do setup the screen in a 2d manner (ie, try to make it so that things in the z plane = 0 are pixel centered) but all of the 3d things in opengl are available to you. for example, you can do:

void testApp::draw(){  
	glRotatef(ofGetElapsedTimef()*360.0f, 0,1,0);  

which rotates a rectangle in 3d. This example is mixing opengl and of graphics calls (which are themselves opengl). Like p5, to do 3d, you have to do alot of transformations, etc…

nehe is a great site for learning about opengl calls: nehe

jqln is doing some great ports of his tutorials into OF: jqln
you should def check them out, they are a very good starting point for thinking about 3d in OF…

hope that helps!!