360° shader for immersive display

Hi there,

I’m working on immersive audiovisual installation like this setup of almost 360 fov.

I’d like to render 3D scene to image sequences directly with shader. (but without cube map because of warping noise) I looked into several website but couldn’t find this 360 shader. I’m almost about to start coding custom shader and example as ofxAddon but just came up with idea putting question here and ask advice from oF family before start. Any suggestion would be supper appreciated.

There is similar projection method called “Cylindrical Projection” like this one.
But for my project, I don’t need to show top/bottom area of a 3D scene, so probabry I should make it in different way.

Hi there,
have you seen this? ICST’s Immersive Lab
I’ve had the pleasure to develop a work for this fantastic device from its inception :wink:
There’s lot’s of documentation available, I’m sure will be a valuable resource since your idea mimicks this. There are four aligned curved projections, and touch sensitive screens, four machines networked, lots of fun.

Friend of mine was there and he had same problem and didn’t manage to make shader.
But indeed there’s lots of example code for different platform. I will check it out! Thanks!