32 * 32 led matrix chain

I start working with led matrix 32 * 32 i been running it with the pi.
I want to run it using open frameworks any one have done this?

Interesting, do have a model description or can describe which interfaces you (can) use to drive the matrix?

Right know im using raspberry pi using this libraries.

Some code is made in c++ and also with the pixel pusher protocol you can run the content trough wifi using processing i want to run it from openframeworks trought computer then in the raspberry pi.

with a FadeCandy driver you can easily play with a RGB matrix

Talaron, I have a FadeCandy but still had not the time to try coding with it… On a hardware point of view, how did you manage to connect it to a bunch of led strips in a reliable way ? I mean physically,…

As described in doc, really easy:

There are many examples to code with it
I’ve not been looking to interact with OF yet

I use before fade candy with open frameworks and a rpi2 check out this

yeah! but fadecandy only control 8 channels!
im running 4 screens of 32 *32 with the rpi2.

Fadecandy can drive 512 leds each … right? So you should be able to run the whole thing with 8 fadecandy’s (under perfect circumstances).