3 point light in oF

I’m trying to figure out a good set of 3 ofLight objects to accomplish three point lighting in my scene. Or else something that gives a good feeling to the scene.

Has anyone done anything similar?

I’m trying with directional lights but I have no idea of photography and I’m setting random values for the components (diffuse, specular).

Or, is there any good guide out there to configure openGL lights?

the lights in OF are modelled according to the fixed pipeline lights in opengl which are kind of confusing because they have a lot of arguments that don’t make much sense. the specular should be the same as the diffuse which is just the color of the light. directional lights only make sense if they are really far away from the scene (like the sun) so what you usually want for something like this is a point light. the attenuation is the trickiest but usually 1.0 for constant, 0.1 for linear and 0.01 for quadratic is the most standard although if you set linear to 0.0 and only adjust the quadratic it’ll behave as real light but it’s kind of hard to adjust.

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Thanks, pointlight works well, I didn’t set any attenuation though, any value bigger than the default 0.00001 was too dark for my scene.