Hi all,

we are proud to share our 2RealKinectWrapper with the openFrameworks Community. It is a simple API which allows for multiple Kinect usage transparently on OpenNI and Microsoft SDK, Panasonics SDK is to come.
The SDK is multithreaded for performance. A long readme should explain everything…
It is accompanied with an openFrameworks sample, so everyone here can quickly check it out:

Download here:

Right now we are working on multiplatform (Mac/Linux), if someone wants to take on xcode would be great as no one of us does xcode…

Enjoy and if you like it like it on vimeo !!!

CADET - Center for Advances in Digital Entertainment Technologies

Hi Marius.
this soounds great. I’ll take a look at it. I work on XCode so I can provide you with the project file if I can make it work.
Many thanks for sharing.
By the way, me and some others from this forum are beginning to develop a second version of ofxOpenNI, in which multiple kinects is a must. It would be great if your developments can be of help for us.
Check out the ofxOpenNI development thread.


That’s great!

-i was wondering if the Microsoft SDK has more advantages than OpenNI when you use the Kinect?

-and what about the Panasonics SDK? i didn’t know about that


One cool thing about the microsoft SDK is the APIs and commands built for usage of the kinect microphones including speech recognition and background noise removal.

The Panasonic D-Imager camera is bundled with Omek technology which I believe right now is limited to kinect tracking and there is currently no support for hand tracking. You could easily assign your right/left hand as a cursor though. The panasonic feed is quite noisy compared to the kinect, although it does work considerably better in higher levels of ambient light.

thanks Ben!

very cool, I look forward to the linux version.


linux and mac version for codeblocks will be up today or tomorrow, we changed some little parts of the code to make it run on all three platforms… @roymacdonald if you could supply us with xcode that would be great but if I find the time I could do it somewhen too…
Microsoft Kinect SDK has still a lot of limitations as stated in our readme. The only nice things are more joints and no calibration, somewhere in the net was a nice comparision chart, which explains the differences better.
Yes and Panasonic is a real TOF camera but it has low resolution and indeed is quite noisy, but it’s about the same as kinect I would estimate and it is bundled with Omek’s SDK (a special Panasonic edition though).
So please tell us if something is not working as it is supposed too, we are happy about feedback…

Hi Robert,
Sure, I’ll try to have that running soon.
BTW, I implemented in ofxOpenNI a nocalibration method.
you might want to check it.


Hi Roy,

I’ll definetly have a look when I’ll find the time, we are currently working on some other things as well which will be opensourced probably beginning or middle of next year. but sounds exciting your stuff, we definetly should try to work together and exchange thoughts and ideas about the openni stuff as documentation of it is really not that good…

Hej cadet!

Looks very promising, to me mostly because this is one of the first demo’s I’ve found using microsoft sdk and openNI on a win 7 platform.

I am currently reading your readme and want to let you know this one:

If you want to build the openframeworks sample add:
OPENFRAMEWORKS_DIR your drive\your base path where you installed cinder (e.g. c:\sdk\of_preRelease_v007_vs2010)

cinder => openframeworks :wink:

I’m going to try to run it using CodeBlocks on my win7 x64 machine and I’ll let you know how far I can get :slight_smile:

found that the examples are relying on some visual studio exclusive files (crtdbg.h) am I right?
currently trying to just get a demo running in vs2010, but since I am on a x64 win7 I just found I do not need the x64openNI installation package, but a x86 version, because 2RealKinectWrapper (gl demo) is using openNI.lib wich is a x86 version…

got the glSingleKinect example running, using VS2010 and all the x86 drivers (openni, sensorkinect, nite)

Will continue with the OF examples tomorrow, probably using vs2010 as well…