2nd monitor - ofGetWidth + ofGetScreenWidth

I’ve been experimenting trying to make an app with will run full-screen on my second monitor. (i’ll be running a different app on my main monitor). I took a look at this thread: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/fullscreen-dual-screen/693/0 for some inspiration.

using ** ofSetWindowPosition(1700, 0)** I can make the app launch fullscreen on my second monitor. However, ofGetScreenWidth() will always return the dimensions of the first monitor even if its not the active one. If I use of ofGetWidth() instead, things are more interesting - for the most part, using ofGetWidth will return the accurate value of the app (windowed, fullscreen, 2nd monitor, whatever) however, at launch it will return the values specified in ofSetupOpenGL (even if the app is in fullscreen mode). It takes a couple cycles through the update + draw loops before ofGetWidth begins to return the correct values. Which means, everything in my Setup call gets initialized with the incorrect values. I am not certain at what point ofGetWidth begins to accurately return the correct values, but I believe its not until at least update + draw have been called once.