2d texture on 3d object

Hi all,
I create 4 simple box to simulate wheels of my car.
Now, I try to insert this texture on it

but the result is this:

I don’t find solution… texture repeat on 4 box faces.
How can resolve this problem? What type of image texture I need for do that?

Thanks to all.

Hi @MikAngelus,

Looks like it is working as expected, there is a box and the wheel is drawing on each of the 6 faces. Do you have depth testing enabled? Might help a bit with the sorting.

ofSetColor(255); // white color

If you just want the wheel to draw once, you can draw just a single plane, you can try using an ofPlanePrimitive that also gives you the benefits of an ofNode or you can store the mesh using the ofMesh::plane function


Hi @NickHardeman,
thanks for your response.

I try to use OfPlanePrimitive but this is result of my wheel:


It’s better but wheels not have volume, infact when the camera is on the line of wheels, it don’t see like this:


Can I try other solution?

I think that I will have same problems on the body car…

Thank you so much @NickHardeman!