2 screens 1 canvas (osX)

How can i use two full HD monitors with one canvas in osx? I want a 3840px width extend in two screens without cut. It is possible?
EDIT: obviusly i have the two screens connected to my macbook in “extend” mode.

In your main.cpp setup the app and window like this:

    ofGLFWWindowSettings msettings;
    msettings.setSize( 3840, 1080 );
    msettings.multiMonitorFullScreen = true; 
    auto mainWin = ofCreateWindow( msettings );

    auto app = make_shared<ofApp>();
    ofRunApp( mainWin, app );

The key thing is msettings.multiMonitorFullScreen = true;

You will need to disable this in your system preferences though otherwise macOS will treat each display as its own separate space.

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Thanks a lot!