2 000 000 widht image

I work on a project using noise and vertex array.
But i need to output a MASSSIVE 100 000 pixel width by 2000 pixel hight Image.
Any way to make it possible ?

I’d recommend looking at using Framebuffer Objects (FBOs), and specifically, the ofFbo class. It will allow you to draw into an off-screen buffer that can then be rasterized and saved to disk as an image. Note that texture and FBO size limits are set by the hardware of your computer, and can’t be changed. If you’d like to find out what those limits are, run the glInfoExample to see a detailed list of them.

I already draw into a fbo, but it’s limit to 9000 pix
maybe i will have to draw in 10 FBO and output each as a image, and reconstruct in photoshop

Have you tried ofxTileSaver with offline stitching?!