1080p realtime video capture with saving on disk

Hi, everyone!

I have a problem with saving realtime full hd video on hard disk. I use Canon HFR36 videocamera with blackmagic intensity pro card and make capture using standart ofVideoGrabber. Video stream is 25 fps minimum and 1080p. It works nice. For video saving I tried to use ofxQTVideoSaver and attached version of ofxVideoRecorder. The problem in first is very low fps during frames passing into saver and second don’t clean memory for some reason when using with Canon camera, but usual webcam works good.
I’m interested in use of ffmpeg, so ofxVideoRecorder is a nice variant, but I need to solve this problem with memory when Canon camera is using.
Could you help me with it or maybe some other variants of saving exist?



if you’re on mac, consider using syphon and syphon recorder. I’ve found it to be very performant for HD capture on recent machines without taking singlethreaded cpu cycles from the OF app.

Kj1, unfortunately, I need to make windows application

I finally have nice fps with attached addon ofxVideoRecorder, but now another problem appeared. FreeImage is used in this addon to save frames into motion JPEG files and function FreeImage_SaveToMemory() works very slow, so I’m loosing frames of video. Is there any other method of fast jpeg/mjpeg files saving or maybe writing into pipe like in this addon: https://github.com/timscaffidi/ofxVideoRecorder/blob/master/src/ofxVideoRecorder.cpp ?


for fast jpg saving, check this addon: http://ofxaddons.com/repos/570
there are free tools such as virtualdub that can concatenate sequences of jpgs into movies with any ffmpeg codec specified.

You could also try to capture your opengl stream with fraps http://www.fraps.com/

Kj1, thank you, I will try it!

underdoeg, I cannot use Fraps because I need to make video saving as an application option :slight_smile:

ofxImageSequenceRecorder works great as well

I like the idea of using ofxImageSequenceRecorder, but it occupies the full RAM during working. It looks like the queue of pixels in addon fills up faster then files become written to the disk. Could you tell me how can I fix it?


it needs to use the RAM as it is much faster than writing to disk. Using a faster disk (like SSD) is really the only way